We're In Trance - Now What?

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Workshop fee: $15/person.  Pre-registration is required.  Buy your tickets HERE.

Wow! It worked! We've accomplished hypnotic trance together! Now what?!

As you practice doing inductions you’ll probably discover what Max discovered: the inductions become easy, and the challenge is to find fun, mutually satisfying, ethical ways for you both to use your new superpowers.

This workshop is where the rubber meets the road… Where we move from thinking about hypno to doing hypno. There are so many fun and creative ways to use hypnosis - like being transformed into a pet, or orgasms on command, or playing with sensation.

Making that transition is hard for many hypnotists and subjects. This workshop helps you identify and give form to your desires, providing the tools to confidently create your hypno scenes.

Doing this safely and ethically is of paramount importance. We’ll provide specific guidelines for negotiation, establishing consent, and moving through the unexpected.

Workshop structure 

We’ll start with a taxonomy of hypno scenes, and some good resources for jumpstarting your creativity.

We’ll cover negotiation and consent as they relate to these different types of hypno play, helping you establish consent and avoid pitfalls.

We’ll help you plan inductions, suggestion, scene-specific language, and whatever safety net fits the scenes you choose. Your underling relationship shapes what’s appropriate, of course.

Some solo and partnered exercises will be provided to help as you learn and experiment.

Mainly, this class helps you shift from “That’s cool” and “I kinda understand” to actually doing hypnotic scenes.

This is the third of a four-part hypno series, offered on the 4th Thursday. 

Who should attend?

No prior knowledge of hypnosis is assumed for this class - it's perfectly appropriate for beginners. If you've already done some hypnosis it's a great way to tune up your technique and find other ways to approach trance.

This workshop assumes no previous BDSM experience and is appropriate for all genders, all orientations, and for both tops / hypnotists and bottoms / subjects.

Playing with language is fun, powerful, and deeply satisfying. Join Max for an evening of exploration.


Attendees will receive a handout full of principles, safety information, basic technique, and resources. Subsequent classes in the series will be explicitly oriented towards skill building and practice.

Max also offers private hypnosis sessions and private coaching as you build your skill as a hypnotist or subject. These sessions are completely customized to meet your needs and desires. Contact Max to discuss these offerings.

Cancellation / refund policy

If you need to cancel your registration up to 2 hours before the event you will receive a full refund.

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