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For Event Producers and Organizers | Max's Bondage Lessons

For Event Producers and Organizers

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Welcome - and thanks for your interest

This web page is designed to assist event organizers and producers.

It summarizes my experience, the kinds of workshops I can teach, and what I look for when I agree to present.

If you'd like to discuss a teaching engagement, please contact me at Max@TechBound.net

About me

I've been active in Seattle's BDSM community since 1992 and have been teaching regularly since 1999.

I do lots of bondage and I enjoy a variety of sensation-based BDSM play. I also incorporate a substantial D/S dynamic into my play and my relationships.

I’ve been actively poly since 1997, with several long-term poly relationships and a substantial set of poly skills.

I am comfortable with any orientation / gender, and enjoy playing with both men and women.

I’m too busy to travel as much as I’d like, but I do enjoy opportunities to teach in other environments and to connect with different communities.

You can read my complete bio and look at many of my past workshops and events here.

Workshop and presentation experience

National conventions  I’ve presented at a number of national BDSM events, to include the following:

  • Thunder in the Mountains (Denver, CO)
  • Shibaricon (Chicago, IL)
  • KinkFest (Portland, OR)
  • FolsomFringe (San Jose, CA)
  • The Fetish Flea (Providence, RI)
  • Bound in Boston (Boston, MA)
  • Living in Leather (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  • BodyBound (Portland, OR)
  • Paradise Unbound (Seattle, WA)

I’ve also taught bondage / BDSM topics at several swinger’s conventions/events.

Smaller groups and private lessons  I’ve done many workshops for smaller BDSM groups and sex toy stores around the country, and have taught private lessons to couples and small groups since 2002.

Bondage workshop series  Since 2003 I have produced a monthly Bondage Workshop Series in Seattle. These workshops are well attended and have been an important part of building Seattle’s vibrant rope bondage community. While I teach most of these workshops, I’ve also produced workshops and weekend events involving other regional, national and international presenters.

Two-Day Bondage Intensive  I’ve produced and taught fifteen two-day Bondage Intensives since 2005. Each Intensive provides 13 hours of focused instruction, from the basics through suspension bondage. About half of the Intensive is hands-on, so attendees have plenty of time to apply what they’ve learned in a safe, friendly environment. The limited class size ensures plenty of one-on-one instruction and fosters an intimate, cooperative environment. A catered, hot lunch and an afternoon snack are included each day, along with an extensive 60-page handout and a formal Certificate of Completion. These Bondage Intensives attract attendees from across the country, and all of them have sold out.

D/S (Dominance and Submission) workshop series  Since 2017 I have produced a monthly D/S Workshop Series in Seattle. These workshops have been very popular, and have addressed a gap in local educational offerings.  While I teach most of these workshops, I’ve also produced workshops taught by other presenters. 

Other BDSM-related work

Performances  I’ve done a number of bondage performances at various bars and as part of several arts events - including James Mogul's Artbound I and II in Seattle. I've also done pro-bono work to help raise funds for several charities and BDSM organizations.

Professional Rigging  I’ve rigged for several professional photo / video shoots, to include one with Madison Young. I've had pictures of my rigging sold by several fetish photographers, and pictures of my rigging have been hung at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, a juried international art show in Seattle.

Event Judging  I've judged rope competitions at several events, to include Shibaricon, the Seattle Rope Enthusiast's Group, and Seattle Men in Leather's "Tied For First".

Topics on tap

While the bulk of my teaching has been about bondage-related topics, I can also speak to a variety of BDSM, dominant/submissive lifestyle and polyamory topics.

I have prepared material for all of the following topics, and am always happy to develop new material to meet your programming needs.

Bondage workshops

  • Fundamentals of Rope Bondage
  • Rope Bondage 201
  • Bedroom Bondage
  • Bondage for Beginners
  • Suspension You Can Use
  • Bondage for Lovers
  • Bondage for Sex
  • Bondage from the Bottom's Perspective
  • Exotic Bondage Gear
  • Non-Rope Bondage
  • Fixed Point Bondage
  • Heads, Tits and Bits - Bondage Techniques for the Head, Breasts and Genitals
  • Hemp Rope Conditioning
  • High Security Rope Bondage
  • Partial Suspension Bondage
  • Tops & Tails - Head, Hair and Genital Bondage
  • The Tender Bits - Male and Female Genital Bondage
  • Hand and Foot Bondage
  • Hair Bondage
  • Mean Rope - Rope Skills for Sadists and Masochists
  • Making Your Rope Scenes HOT - Using Rope to Create Headspace
  • Flow Like A River - Making Your Bondage Work Better
  • Two-Day Bondage Intensive - Bondage Basics Through Suspension
  • Weekend Rope Retreat for Men 

Topping skills

  • Topping to the Next Level - Techniques for Thoughtful Tops
  • Topping to the Next Level - Hot Negotiation
  • Topping to the Next Level - How to Push 

General Other topics - BDSM, Poly and D/S 

  • BDSM for Beginners
  • When Someone You Know is Switchy
  • When Things Go Wrong - What To Do and What To Learn
  • Poly Relationships – A Report from the Trenches
  • Max Reads Leather
  • Real World D/S
  • D/S 201
  • Giving and Accepting Service
  • Cultivating Successful Service Relationships
  • Exploring Kink - Getting Started
  • Start Using That Singletail!


Rates are negotiable based on timing, location, duration and the nature of the event.

It is generally my objective to cover all of my travel expenses and to earn an honorarium.

Workshop logistics

Workshops are generally structured for 1.5 or 3-hour time slots. Durations are completely negotiable, and can range from 45 minutes to two days.

There is no limit to the number of attendees for “demonstration” topics as long as all attendees can hear and have a clear line of sight.

Hands-on topics are limited to 15 – 40 attendees, depending on the topic.  Availability of a trained assistant increases these maximums - I've taught a 100-person Partial Suspension workshop and an 80-person Genital Bondage workshop.

An assistant may be required based on topic and number of participants.

Most workshops include a comprehensive, illustrated handout, ranging from 8 – 25 pages.

Contact Max

You can reach me at Max@TechBound.net

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