Private Instruction

Coaching and Private Instruction Packages

In addition to workshops and stand-alone sessions Max offers a range of packages designed to provide deeper coaching, discounted pricing, and opportunities for continuity and sustainable progress with your kink and relationship skills.

Take a look at the offerings below. When you’re ready to get started, email to set up a free 20 minute call or video chat to discuss options and objectives. Based on our discussion, I’ll create a customized plan for your consideration.

These packages are for individuals, couples and threesomes, and are individually tailored to your skill level and interests.

Introductory Package: $700

  • Two 3-hour in-person or video private sessions ($750)
  • 2 tickets to any workshop led by Max ($80)
  • Total value: $830

Silver Package: $950

  • 3 months private instruction and coaching
  • Three 3-hour in-person or video private sessions ($1,125)
  • 2 tickets to any workshop led by Max ($80)
  • Total value: $1,205

Gold Package: $2,000

  • 6 months private instruction and coaching
  • Six 3-hour in-person or video private sessions ($2,250)
  • Personalized shopping at local kink center ($250)
  • Invitation to an annual Gold and Platinum member private social event at Max’s home 
  • Customized personal plan and resources ($125)
  • Value: $2,625

Platinum Package: $2,500

  • 6 months private instruction and coaching 
  • Six 3-hour in-person or video private sessions ($2,250)
  • Personalized Shopping at local kink center ($250)
  • Invitation to an annual Gold and Platinum member private social event at Max’s home
  • Customized personal plan and resources ($125)
  • Direct contact with Max via text for ad hoc consultations 
  • 3 hours use of Max’s private Dungeon ($250)
  • Opportunity to have Max as your invited guest for a dinner, house party, or other small event ($375)
  • Value: $3,250

Explore Your Kink: Private Lessons with Max

In addition to public workshops, Max offers private BDSM coaching and skills training for individuals and small groups.

Topics can include

  • Rope bondage - Intimate, sexy, fun and mean - rope can be all that and so much more. (*)
  • Non-rope bondage - metal cuffs, leather gear, cages, sleepsacks, hoods, etc. (*)
  • Impact play - flogging, caning, spanking, hand-impact and single-tailing (*)
  • Electrical play - all three major types of electrical play are addressed, with opportunities to experiment with Max’s collection of electrical devices (*)
  • Needle play and temporary piercing - piercing basics - safety, technique, and artistry. Piercing often produces an intense endorphin high. (*)
  • Sensation play - including pressure points, clothespins, and temperature play (*)
  • Negotiation - building better negotiation skills
  • D/S - creating, deepening and sustaining a D/S relationship
  • Service dynamics - building service relationships, and playing with service in-scene
  • Erotic hypnosis - using hypnosis to deepen your BDSM play through sensation, intimacy, and control.
  • Polyamory - opening up your relationship, joining someone else’s relationship, and dealing with problems.
  • When things go wrong - How can you avoid problems? How can you best handle problems when they arise? What can you learn from these inevitable bumps?

(*) These topics are best suited for in-person instruction

If you're new to BDSM, you can count on Max to cover the basics of technique, safety and style. For more targeted or advanced learning, Max can easily create a more focused lesson. There’s value here, regardless of your background or skill level.

Max’s broad skill set, longtime experience, and substantial toy collection allow him to respond to questions and direction changes smoothly and professionally. Because these are private lessons, the pace and content can be adjusted mid-lesson to make sure you get the most from your investment. These lessons are all about you, and Max is committed to giving you value for your time and money.

Coaching rates for Max's time are $125/hour.

The rates on this page are based on lessons done at Max’s studio in Seattle. If you would like to schedule another location, please contact Max for rates and terms.

Private Lessons via Videoconference

Fee: $125 / hour, 1 hour minimum

You can learn from Max even if you’re not in the Seattle area. Max is pleased to offer lessons via videoconference at a mutually agreeable date and time. Prior to the videoconference, you will correspond via email with Max to discuss specific topics you would like to focus on during your videoconference.

Personalized Private Instruction for Individuals, Couples or Threesomes

Fee: $125 / hour, 2 hour minimum

These sessions are for individuals, couples and threesomes, and are individually tailored to your skill level and special interests.

Many hands-on topics like rope or flogging work best with a practice partner, although some basic skills can be covered without a partner. Discussion-based topics like negotiation and D/S can easily be covered without a partner.

Bondage Lesson + Practice Partner

Fee: $195 / hour, 2 hour minimum

If you don't have a regular bondage partner – or if you'd prefer to practice without your regular partner present – generally a practice partner can be arranged.

Practice partners have substantial experience being bound and will be able to provide valuable feedback to facilitate your learning.

Group Lessons

Does your group or club want to know more about sensual intimacy, BDSM, or D/S relationships? Looking to have an in-depth question/answer discussion led by a noted community educator?

Working closely with you prior to the event, Max will customize a lesson, lecture or lead a group discussion based on your needs and interests.

Please email for more information.

Scheduling a Lesson with Max

Email Max at for more information or to schedule a lesson.

Please include some information about your schedule, your interests, and your experience.

Gift Certificates

Private lessons make the best gifts! Why not give your partner, your friend or even yourself the unique gift of a private lesson for their birthday, anniversary or another special occasion.

Max will provide you with an ‘official’ gift certificate, wrapped beautifully and ready for gifting!

To purchase your gift certificates, email

Reviews from Prior Students

It's easy to find someone who's attended one of Max’s workshops or done private instruction with him. If you're active in Seattle's kink community, just ask around.

If you're on FetLife, you can read reviews from some of Max’s private clients.

Here are two online reviews you can access if you don't have a FetLife account:

And here are some post-lesson comments received over the years:

  • We had a wonderful 3 hour session with Max. The session was extremely well run, all boundaries were discussed and adhered to. Max is the ultimate professional, his skills in all aspects of BDSM and D/S are top notch.
  • Thanks Max. You are a fantastic teacher and made us very comfortable. We were completely blown away. Will be getting back to you about next dates, soon.
  • I would like to thank you for the instruction yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and could have gone on for hours.
  • We took lessons with Max in bondage and single tail whip while we were in Seattle… We also had enlightening and practical discussions on living D/S in daily life. Max is a natural teacher - attentive, open, knowledgeable, patient. We had good personal chemistry and got 'the cage tour' and also saw something of Max's life… Highly recommended.
  • Thanks again for the lesson last week. We had a great time and we learned a lot. We have had a lot of fun with our new rope techniques.
  • We had a very intense night after we left your place. Thanks so much for your expert coaching. It was a truly unforgettable night.
  • Max is the best one for teaching single-tail work (among other beautiful exciting powerful intimate personal experiences).

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