About Tom

Tom Wood really enjoys bondage.

He uses a variety of materials in his bondage, but appreciates the flexibility of rope.  Tom has been handling rope for over 18 years - he originally learned in the Boy Scouts, and later used that expertise during his dates.  About 13 years ago Tom discovered the scene and has been developing and refining his distinct bondage and suspension techniques ever since.

Over the years he has applied his suspension technique at construction sites, in theatre fly spaces, in elevator shafts, at many play parties, and fairly often from his living room ceiling.

Tom is a member of San Francisco's Society of Janus, and has taught for SOJ, The Evangelical Perv’s Association, Dragon’s Keep, and Thunder in the Mountains.

You may have met Tom at local events while he was living in Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco or at national conferences like Black Rose, Living in Leather, Thunder in the Mountains, or KinkFest.

While Tom has taught a number of bondage classes, he especially enjoys providing impromptu classes just after a scene, when observers walk up and ask questions.  He is fond of providing one-on-one instruction about rope, from basic bondage to advanced suspensions.  It is extremely gratifying to him to later see those individuals performing successful bondage scenes of their own.

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