About Dr. Headcrash

Dr. Headcrash is a poly pansexual Top, and has been practicing and teaching erotic hypnosis in a BDSM context for 25 years.

An invited speaker and presenter at BDSM and Erotic Hypnosis events across the country, Dr. Headcrash teaches hypnosis as a collaborative process based on building trust and rapport between subject and hypnotist and encouraging effective communication on both sides.

He is a very psychological player (think "Don't Shoot the Dog" meets "The Story of O" with a healthy dose of old-school ASFR thrown in) and a bodybuilding sadist. He finds that the most interesting things happen at the intersection of the psychological, the physical, and the social.


Dr. Headcrash is co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Erotic Hypnosis Group (a Society of Janus SIG), which also puts on the annual Western Erotic Hypnosis Unconference (WEEHU).  You can find him on FetLife as @headcrash and on tumblr at doctorheadcrash.tumblr.com

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