Manifesting D/S Through Role Play

Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Workshop fee: $40/person.  Buy your tickets here.

Looking to add D/S to your existing relationship, but unsure how to broach the idea with your partner?

Met someone at a party and want to do a D/S scene with them, despite not knowing much about them?

Are you a long-time kinkster looking to add some D/S into your repertoire?

Establishing a D/S dynamic is tricky, typically requiring a fair amount of trust and substantial knowledge of yourself and your partner.

Role play is a great way to jump-start that process. Using commonly-understood accepted archetypes, you can easily slip into a natural-feeling D/S experience that help you both feel confident and as powerful / powerless as you desire.

These archetypes ooze power exchange. Take the police officer, standing tall in their boots, leather motorcycle jacket, dark shades, and commanding, authoritative voice, pulling over the unsuspecting motorist for a search and frisk. Imagine the powerful executive exuding power over her timid employee, with her pencil skirt and intense stare. Consider a professor, tapping ruler in hand, reprimanding the errant student.

Some of these archetypes are more overtly kinky: pet play, human furniture, pony play, age play, pro domme - there are so many ideas to explore. With all these roles, the common thread is power.

We’ll show you how to use role play to easily create a D/S scene. We’ll cover how to negotiate role play, how to find roles that fit your style and your mode, how to build energy as you play, and how to manage common problems.

Whether you’re looking to add D/S into your current relationship, or for an easy way to break the ice with a new partner, this workshop will provide you with the tools you need to successfully manifest D/S through role play.

This workshop will include lecture, demos and (optional) exercises. There will be plenty of time for Q&A as well. It’s appropriate for all genders, all orientations, and for tops and bottoms of all skill levels. As with all of Max’s workshops, a handout will be provided to facilitate your learning and retention.

We grow up with stories and we are awash in archetypes. Join us for this workshop and learn how to repurpose these everyday roles for kinky enjoyment!

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