Unscripted Rope - Stretching Your Scenes Beyond One Position

Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 10:00am - 6:00pm

Workshop fee: $190/pair.  Pre-registration is required.  Buy your tickets HERE.

Join Max and co-instructors Heyden and Lorelei for a special full-day Unscripted Rope Intensive on Saturday, January 12th.

This 7-hour Intensive provides an opportunity to experience rope education unlike any you’ve experienced before.

As a top, have you ever asked yourself:
  • I’ve got my bottom tied up. What now?
  • What sensations does my bottom want to feel?
  • Who is this rope bondage for?
  • Where am I going with this?
  • What a mess! How do I get out of this?

As a bottom, have you ever asked yourself:

  • What am I doing here?
  • Why won’t my top connect with me?
  • Hey, where’s the fun in this?
  • If I tell my top this hurts, will they stop tying me?
  • If I tell my top this is boring, will they know how to engage with me?
  • How can I ask for what I want?
  • Why are they more focused on their rope than me?

Unscripted Rope provides a full day of demos, hands-on practice, Q&A, and opportunities to explore ad hoc rope play, where the fun is in the experimentation, the skills augment the scene rather than the other way around, and you have the chance to create scenes with transitions, variety, intimacy and emotions, rather than aiming for picture-perfect Shibari moments.

Much of the day-long workshop is hands-on, so you'll have plenty of time to apply what you learn in a safe, friendly environment. The limited class size and the presence of several skilled co-instructors ensure plenty of one-on-one instruction and fosters an intimate, cooperative environment. As with all of Max's workshops, the emphasis is on learning, having fun, building confidence and exploring new ways to play. 


The workshop will be held at Max’s dungeon in Seattle. We’ll take a lunch break, and will facilitate a group Thai order. If you want to join the Thai food order, please bring cash. There are also numerous restaurants nearby.

We will provide a little afternoon snack. As with all of Max’s workshops, there will be a handout for the workshop to help you as you continue your exploration. 


This workshop is designed specifically for pairs - you must sign up as a pair to attend, as the hands-on practice requires a top/bottom scenario. You do not need to be “partnered” in any other way, of course.

The fee for all this is only $190 per couple. We'll be keeping this class very small so we can all get the most from it.

This workshop is appropriate for all genders and orientations. 


This workshop assumes some basic knowledge of rope - a single column tie, a double column tie, and some sort of upper body chest / arm tie.

If you wish to register and you do not yet have these basic rope tying skills, consider booking a 2-hour private lesson with Max to get yourself up-to-speed for the workshop. For more information, please visit Max's Private Lesson page

What to bring

Bring your rope for this class. Please bring at least four pieces of rope per pair, to include at least one piece that's about 30' long and at least one piece that's about 10'long.  Ideally, bring a kit somewhat like this:

  • (4) 10-foot pieces of 6mm or 8mm
  • (4) 30-foot pieces of 6mm or 8mm

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