Consensual Brainwashing: A Workshop for Hypnotists and Subjects - Featuring Felix Krull

Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 10:00am - 6:00pm

Registration fee: $90 Early Bird pricing through Friday 8/31, $105 thereafter.

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Consensual Brainwashing is a multi-faceted and integrated approach for creating what we call "radical compatibility." It is a training approach that makes deep and lasting identity changes to the subject, such that their needs and desires become radically aligned with those of the hypnotist. In this sense its goals are very different from those of consensual slavery, in that the brainwashed subject has no sense of being forced or compelled, they just find that whatever the hypnotist asks of them is what they already wanted to do anyway.

For this reason alone, Consensual Brainwashing is not for everyone. Many people are drawn to hypnosis and D/S because they enjoy the feeling of compulsion, of being forced, of wanting to resist but being unable to do so. But for many others, their definition of submission is to be entirely and joyously guided and led by their dominant partner. For the latter group, Consensual Brainwashing is the gateway to a deeply satisfying relationship and experience. And we do mean relationship: the process changes both the hypnotist and subject in ways that create a strong and persistent bond. Both informed consent and mutual commitment to the resulting relationship are essential prerequisites to doing this work.

This workshop begins with a discussion of the ethics of this approach, and in particular the Consensual part. Consent is an ethical prerequisite, and it's also important for achieving lasting and positive results. Consent is an ongoing responsibility for both parties, during the entire process and beyond.

In the next part, Felix talks about the underlying psychological and neurological mechanisms that make this work possible, and introduces the first of the two key approaches used: conditioning. He will demonstrate and teach conditioning techniques, mostly using pleasure as a reward, to train automatic, conditioned responses: actions, feelings, and states. For each technique, Felix will describe and demonstrate, and then you will have a chance to practice (or experience) these techniques with a partner.

Then Felix will show you the other side of the coin: Personal narrative. Personal narrative is what we use to explain why we do things. Human beings assign meanings to their physical responses, feelings, and behaviors; that's part of what makes us human. When we create new responses, feelings and behaviors in a person, those have to align with their personal story of who they are. If they don't, it can create internal conflict, and often the changes will not persist. But if we make corresponding changes to their personal narrative at the same time, the narrative and conditioning can be mutually reinforcing. Conditioning and narrative change, when in alignment, are far more powerful and persistent than either one alone.

Finally, we will go over and practice a number of ancillary techniques for reinforcing and enhancing the entire process, including environmental anchors and self-training.

Even if you don't decide to pursue the entire process, this is still a very informative course for both hypnotists and subjects. Most of these techniques can be used stand-alone and for other purposes, and they are useful arrows in the quiver for hypnotists. Subjects will benefit from the ability to recognize these techniques when they are used, and understand better what their effects can be, so they can make more informed consent decisions.

Ideally, you should attend this training with a partner (subject or hypnotist) with whom you might intend to pursue this approach in the future. However, casual practice partners are fine, too, either ones you arrive with, or connections you make at the workshop. This is a longer term process that requires repetition and integration, and no one who attends and participates will go home permanently brainwashed.

This workshop assumes no previous BDSM or hypnosis experience and is appropriate for all genders, all orientations, and for both hypnotists and subjects.

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