All The Demos - a "Kinky Buffet" presented by Sensuous Society

Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm
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Early Bird pricing - $30 until July 26. $35 thereafter.  

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Are you just beginning to explore the world of kink and not sure where to start? Perhaps you’re an experienced kinkster who would like to see a professional demonstration and learn alternative techniques. Maybe you have a new partner, and you'd like them to see a wide variety of play as they develop their enthusiasm for BDSM. Or perhaps you just love to volunteer for demos.

Whatever your interest, whatever your experience, Max’s “All The Demos” event offers something for everyone, in a safe and welcoming space.

This event has run monthly since 2014 in Seattle, and has become something of an institution there. Max is delighted to take it on the road and deliver it to you.

How it works

Doors open 30 minutes before the event so you can check in and get settled. At that time you'll have an opportunity to cast three votes on the activity board to weigh in on which activities will be demoed. There's often some discussion about what the activities are, and some bargaining for votes amongst the attendees. This provides an easy opportunity to meet and mingle with the other attendees.

Max will generally seed the board with a handful of favorites. Got something you're especially curious about? Go ahead and add it to the board. Recent demos have included:
- Rope Bondage
- Electrical toys like violet wands, ErosTek units and stun guns
- Needles / temporary piercing
- Pressure points
- Floggers
- Singletail whips
- Canes
- D/S and service dynamics
- Leather bondage like cuffs, hoods and sleepsacks
- Metal bondage like cuffs and chains
- Erotic hypnosis
- Breath play
- Zippers
- Spanking
- Pet play

Once we gather, we'll start out with an overview of scene dynamics and a discussion about negotiation and consent, especially as it relates to the demos you'll see / participate in.

During the event you'll have opportunities to volunteer for a demo with Max.

Each demo includes a negotiation, a mini-scene, and some time to debrief and ask questions immediately after the demo. This is an amazing opportunity to witness a scene from start to finish, and to interact with the participants in ways that would not be appropriate in a public dungeon or at a party.

This workshop assumes no previous experience and we welcome all genders, orientations and experience levels. You can bring a partner or a group of friends, but many of our attendees come solo, which is completely comfortable and appropriate.

If you cannot attend this workshop, want a deeper experience, or wish to pursue more specific training, Max also offers private coaching for individuals, couples and groups.

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