Predicament Play presented by Lover's Lair

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

$20.  Buy your tickets here.

You may also purchase tickets in person at Lover's Lair or by phone: 425-775-4502.

Attendees receive a 20% discount on merchandise purchased the evening of the workshop.

Predicament play presents the bottom with a choice between bad things, or an opportunity to push through a bad thing to get to a good thing. Predicaments can be challenging, playful, and intense. They can be an opportunity to explore strong sensation, can provide a stage for D/S dynamics to play out, or they can simply be good, clean fun.

Predicaments often contain some or all of the following elements: pain, discomfort, fatigue, embarrassment, humiliation, and pleasure. They offer unique opportunities to engage both the mind and the body.

In this workshop we will explore the motivation for predicament play, the goals and outcomes, and how predicament play can be a powerful addition to your BDSM repertoire. All parties in a predicament scene are actively engaged, and we'll cover how it looks from both sides of the slash.

We’ll discuss the development of the scene, including negotiation and consent, as well as risks and safety considerations for any type of predicament play. And we’ll talk about how scenes can fail, and how to prepare for / handle failure.

We’ll do demos and exercises, showcasing a variety of predicament play scenes. As a top, you’ll leave this workshop with some great new predicaments to add to your repertoire. As a bottom, you’ll learn some helpful ways to work through the discomfort, and possibly some nifty ways to show your top some of your own cleverness!

As with all of Max’s workshops, a handout will be provided to facilitate your learning and retention.

This workshop assumes no previous BDSM experience and is fully appropriate for all genders, all orientations, and for both tops and bottoms.

At the core of every predicament is the bottom’s ability to make choices. Join Max for an evening of difficult choices and enjoyable predicaments.

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