4mm Scenes - More Fun, Less Rope

Sunday, March 4, 2018 - 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Workshop fee: $40.

Pre-registration is required.  Buy your tickets here.

Max is rarely without a piece of 4mm rope. Look in his pocket, his briefcase, his glove box… It’s easy to carry, easy to hide, easy to use.

4mm rope is well suited for quick, brutal scenes - hojo ties, strenuous partial suspensions, toe ties. It’s equally appropriate for more gentle moments - a collar and lead, a hair tie, a blindfold. With a little practice you can accomplish so much with so little.

This workshop focuses on how to use a piece or two of 4mm to accomplish your objectives, whatever they are. 4mm bondage is quick, elegant, and fiendishly effective. We’ll discuss, demo and practice a range of techniques - how to hank and carry your 4mm, how to deploy it, and how to use it to be strenuous, kind, or artistic. After some practice you may find yourself wondering why you always carry that heavy rope bag.

Most of this workshop is hands-on, so you'll have lots of time to have fun and develop your skills. We’ll also cover the unique safety considerations for 4mm scenes, and there will be a number of hot demos. By the end of the workshop you'll be able to competently use your 4mm.

No prior knowledge of bondage or knots is assumed for this class - it's perfectly appropriate for beginners, and for all genders and orientations.

If you can, come with a practice partner. If you don't have a partner, come anyway and we'll make sure you get a chance to practice the basic techniques. Rope Bottoms: this is your chance to meet some rope tops! Come learn and get tied up.

As with all of Max's workshops, there's a handout you can use as a memory aid when you're practicing at home.

Loaner rope will be available for the workshop, but bring the following if you can:

  • (2) 15-20 foot pieces of 4mm hemp

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