Bottoms' Rights and Responsibilities - Featuring Allena Gabosch

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Workshop fee: $25.

Pre-registration is required.  Buy your tickets HERE.

How do you meet your Top’s needs while being vigilant about caring for yourself and meeting your own needs?
Bottoms (slaves, submissives, property, masochists, etc.) have a right – and a responsibility - to keep themselves safe, healthy, emotionally balanced, and physically fit.  Failing to care for yourself is bad for you and puts your top in an untenable position.
This workshop provides information about your rights and responsibilities.  We’ll discuss how to safeguard them, and we’ll help you recognize your own needs so you can be the best possible bottom you can be.
After some introductory remarks, Allena will guide a round-table discussion where we’ll have an opportunity to talk about the rights and responsibilities we have to ourselves, to our partners, to our sisters and brothers and to our community.
There is no “one true way” toward being a submissive / slave / bottom. The roundtable format is designed to bring out the diversity of peoples’ experience and to share skills and perspectives.
Please bring your questions and come ready to share your ideas and concerns.  This workshop is aimed at bottoms / switches, and we will encourage people to speak from their bottom space.  Tops are welcome, of course, and will certainly learn as they listen. 
This workshop assumes no previous experience and is appropriate for all genders and orientations.

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