Giving Good Head: Manipulating & Stimulating the Head, Hair and Face

Thursday, August 18, 2016 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Workshop fee: $35.

Pre-registration is required.  Purchase your tickets HERE.

The head and face are powerful, primal places.

Pulling someone's hair can put them into an almost trancelike state. Slapping their face can push them into a fierce, primal place. Holding their neck can generate a deep sense of contentment and submission.

Whether your intent is sensual or rough, the head, hair and face are deep, powerful sources of intimacy. Join us as we discuss and demonstrate ways to manipulate these wonderful parts of the anatomy.

This class is full of demos and packed with technique. There's also a "hands-on" component, so you'll have opportunities to practice and/or experience the various techniques. The emphasis is on learning, having fun, and building confidence.

This workshop assumes no previous experience, and is appropriate for all genders and orientations. As with all of Max's workshops, there's a handout you can use as a memory aid when you're practicing at home.

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