Humor, Tenderness, Absurdity, Intensity: the Intimate - A Narrated Slide Show With David Steinberg

Sunday, June 21, 2015 - 7:30pm - 10:00pm
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Event fee: $25.  Preregistration is required.  Purchase your tickets HERE.

Max is honored to host a private slide show with the noted writer and erotic artist David Steinberg.


David has been writing about sex since 1989 and had been photographing couples being sexual at home since 1999.  He's been a regular contributor to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival - you may have met him there.


Join us for an evening of art and discussion.  A limited number of books and photographs will be available for sale.





7:30pm  Doors open, meet the artist.  Beverages and light snacks will be provided.

8:00pm  Slide show.

9:00pm  Art and book sales, signings, and a chance to chat with the artist.

Artist's Statement

Since 2009, I have been taking still photographs during video shoots at - primarily at Public Disgrace shoots directed by Princess Donna Dolore. Much of what I find there - intimacy, tenderness, attention to detail, deep emotional connections - is not what you might expect from a BDSM porn shoot, not to mention equally remarkable qualities of humor, playfulness, intensity, and absurdity. Altogether, it's a wonderful spectrum of human emotion ripe for picking with my camera.

Sometimes I shoot the “action” that will become the focus of the videos being produced at the shoots. But it's the emotions, connections, and random moments that occur on the fringes of the shoots that interest me the most -- unexpected revelations that occur when people forget about the cameras, conversations and sexual play between scenes, the facial expressions of people in the audience, moments of reflection or casual flirtation within the circus generated by producing intense BDSM video for a mass audience. These unaffected moments, combined with the power of deep connection between dedicated dominants and submissives, put a feast of raw humanity on display - a rare chance to capture the intimacy, vulnerability, power, and joy that lie at the heart of sexual experience.

Of the thousands of photos I have taken, I've chosen a selection of favorites to document the unique, intense, crazy, and loveable world of and Public Disgrace, and am pleased to offer this photocollage, with commentary, at this event.



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