Unveiling Surrender: Journeys in Consent and Trust, produced by the Timid Tramp

Saturday, January 31, 2015 - 4:00pm - Sunday, February 1, 2015 - 11:00am

Registration fee: $1,200 per couple.

Registration includes dinner, drinks, entertainment, and overnight accommodations at an exquisite bed and breakfast near the Pike Place market.

Registration is limited, and preregistration is required. To register, please contact Ms. Timid Tramp at Tanya@TimidTramp.com

Sorry, this event is SOLD OUT.

Join Ms. Timid Tramp with Max for an all-inclusive event of feast, drink and eye opening conversation and interactions.

We begin our opening conversations during dinner as Max introduces the background and history of BDSM and unfolds many common myths about its practices. A surprising twist during dinner takes us right into a an insightful inquiry about the nuances of power exchange dynamics.

The scene part of the evening takes place after dinner at our overnight location in the privacy and comfort of a large suite. In this demonstration you will see elements of seducing consent, creating trust, and what it looks like to be invited to interact in deeply intimate sensation play with your partner.

Those who would like to experience elements of this for themselves are welcomed to interact with Max after the first scene. Max is also available to facilitate interactions with your partner.

This is an evening designed for inquiry and experience for each individual. The delivery of these elements is in the dynamics. While very sensual and intimate, none of the evening’s interactions will be sexual.

Event Schedule

4:00pm - 6:00pm Check into your room, and enjoy the area around the Pike Place market.

6:00pm Join us at the restaurant, a few blocks from the bed and breakfast.

9:00pm Stroll back to the bed and breakfast where we’ll have opportunities to watch, talk, and play in our private suites. Upon completion of the scene and conversations Max and Ms. Timid Tramp will leave you to your wonderful room and individual experience.

Rise for your complimentary breakfast whenever you wish.

11:00am Check out time


Contact Ms. Timid Tramp at Tanya@TimidTramp.com


In our day to day world we experience a kind of complacent predictability as we go about our lives. We find ourselves affected daily by interactions with people that give us an inclination to “separate or distance” ourselves and only to be left with a sense of longing for something more fulfilling in our relationships. Naturally, vulnerability and trust for many of us have become an exception, not the norm. In our cultivated refusal of vulnerability and frailty many of us hold back from expressing and exercising our truest desires especially to our intimate partners.

Tonight we begin to unwind some of the superstitions we have and the knots of fear for failing in the ways of desire. This evening affords you the rare opportunity to begin to restore a sense of balance and honor in relating to yourself and others intimately. In an exploration of fears and freedoms we find the magnificence we truly possess upon entrusting ourselves to these timeless dynamics of trust, control, surrender, dominance, submission and intimacy.

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