An Intimate Evening with Gorgone

Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Registration fee: $75.

Registration is limited, and preregistration is required. Purchase your tickets HERE.

Max is honored to host a private dinner with France's noted bondage performer and instructor, Gorgone.

Max is always on the lookout for strong women riggers to teach in Seattle, and Gorgone fits the bill.

She'll be teaching seven workshops while she's in Seattle in June - please support her visit by attending these events and by encouraging your friends to attend.

This "Intimate Evening" is a great chance to meet Gorgone, to chat, and to ask her any questions you might have.

We'll be serving sushi and other light refreshments. For those who don't like sushi, vegetarian options will also be available.

Dinner will be followed by a brief bondage demo.

The event will be held in a private home in Seattle's Leschi neighborhood. The exact location will be provided when your registration is confirmed.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to mingle with Zamil! 

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