Workshops at Bound in Boston

Friday, March 21, 2014 - 6:30pm - Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 5:00pm
Venue Details: 

1125 Boston Providence Turnpike, Norwood, MA 02062

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You must register for the Conference to attend these workshops.

Please refer to Bound in Boston's web site for information about registration and fees. Here's a direct link to the ticketing page.

Max will be teaching three workshops at Bound in Boston.

Master's Class

He'll also be teaching a special Master's Class for 5 couples, allowing for an exclusive and intimate experience.

Preregistration is required for the Master's Class - refer to the Master's Class page for all the details.

Topping to the Next Level: How to Push

When is it OK to push your bottom? How do you push them safely, ethically, and effectively?

If you've got that mastered, try this: how do you push yourself?

Topics we'll be covering include:

  • Getting someone outside their comfort zone
  • Helping your bottom receive stimulus and process play
  • Creating tension in your scenes
  • Working with a bottom who asks you to push them harder or says "I'm afraid of this but I want to try it?"
  • Encouraging your bottom to try something they're unsure of
  • Learning from someone's "never done it" history
  • Gracefully managing the intensity of a scene
  • Helping bottoms push through barriers
  • Renegotiating during a scene
  • Recognizing "hard limits" vs. "soft limits"

Modified Taut Line Hitches - a Family of Knots for Suspension Lines

Max has been teaching people how to do suspensions and partial suspensions since 2004, and the knots he's been teaching for vertical lines have all been based on the Taut Line hitch.
Come see why.

Bring something heavy - like your toy bag - to suspend. We'll be suspending inanimate objects, not people in this workshop.

Tits and Bits - Bondage Techniques for Breasts and Genitals

This workshop covers some particularly intimate, effective and sexy bondage techniques.

We'll start with the basics of immobilizing and tormenting boy-bits. There'll be a nice demo, information on cock and ball safety and some thoughts on how to adapt the techniques to your own situation.

Next Max will present a variety of techniques for binding, displaying and stimulating girl-bits - labia, clit and breasts. There'll be a demo for this portion too.

And then we'll all practice what we've learned, so bring your genitals and/or your friends with genitals.

Bring: Two 15-20' pieces of 4 mm. If you want to wash your rope after this class you may want to bring synthetic line instead of hemp or jute.

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