Topping to the Next Level: How to Push

Sunday, April 13, 2008 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Workshop fee: $40

CSPC membership is NOT required for the workshop. Please bring ID to verify that you're at least 18 years old.

Pre-registration is NOT required for the workshop.

Over the last few months Russell and Max have been discussing topping models and what it takes to produce a good scene. We began jotting down our notes and realized that we were creating the 'Topping Skills" workshop we wished we'd found 15 years ago.

The Topping to the Next Level Series

We'll be doing a series of four workshops on the second Sunday of the month, as follows:

Topics we'll be covering 

  • Getting someone outside their comfort zone
  • Helping your bottom receive stimulus and process play
  • Creating tension in your scenes
  • Working with a bottom who asks you to push them harder or says "I'm afraid of this but I want to try it?"
  • Encouraging your bottom to try something they're unsure of
  • Learning from someone's "never done it" history
  • Gracefully managing the intensity of a scene
  • Helping bottoms push through barriers
  • Renegotiating during a scene
  • Recognizing "hard limits" vs. "soft limits"

Workshop Format

Because there's so much information to cover, the workshops will be primarily demo and lecture. There's no need to bring a practice partner, although we think this material is as valuable to bottoms as it is to tops. Bottoms - don't you want to know what your top is up to?

Handouts will be provided to jog your memory and to supply additional references.

While some topping experience will be helpful, the workshops are accessible to all skill levels and are applicable to all orientations / genders.

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