About Panavatar

panavatar has been experimenting with trance states for over 20 years, mostly as a solo explorer and student.  Her earliest and strongest fantasies (sexual and otherwise) involved blood, trance, the supernatural, manipulation, danger, fear, and ritual.

Since early 2013, she has especially been involved in the erotic hypnosis community, playing primarily as a subject, and is now one of the organizers of WEEHU.


She has taught for NEEHU, MEEHU, Dark Odyssey: Surrender, and the TES Hypnokink SIG in New York.  Her interests include teaching consciousness-expanding skills to both subjects and ’tists alike. She identifies as queer, genderqueer, femme, a bottom-leaning switch, polyamorous, sadomasochistic, an edge player and a vampire fetishist.

You can find her writings at hypno-panavatar.tumblr.com.  

panavatar is property of Dr. Headcrash.

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