About Lee Allure

Lee Allure is a sought-after hypnotist and speaker in the fields of hypnosis, BDSM, and tickling.  

Lee has been expanding the limits of what hypnosis can deliver for men and women, tops and bottoms, and for erotic or recreational ends.

She creates and offers audio files and does Skype and in-person hypnosis sessions through her website, LeeAllure.com.  Lee writes too: she is in the final stages of preparing a book on Hypnotic Amnesia with DJ Pynchon and they are collaborating on several books covering fun inductions and triggers.

She organizes the London Hypnosis Workshop (now in its sixth year), is the co-producer of DeepMindDarkWood, a weekend hypnosis retreat in Massachusetts, and is the current organizer of NEST, the world’s largest and longest running tickling convention, held annually in Philadelphia, PA.

Lee enjoys unlocking the potential of the unconscious mind to make people better/happier, and exploring the overlap between her passions.


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