About Gorgone

Gorgone is a french Kinbaku model and rigger.

She discovered Shibari in 2010. Immediately seduced, she started looking for real power exchange experiences in ropes and became interested in traditional Japanese rope bondage.

Her meeting and first session with Wildties was the decisive turning point that made her a Kinbaku model as a main passion and full-time job.

Her path as a rigger started naturally and she quickly became one of Europe's main riggers. Her identity as a rigger was shaped by constant exposure to many different styles that she absorbed, appropriated and developed. She has had the privilege to learn from some of the world's greatest teachers to include Esinem, Otonawa, Naka Akira, and Nawashi Kanna.

Her experience as a professional rope bottom brings useful knowledge and understanding from the other side of the rope to her rigging.

She's been creating and running Kinbaku LuXuria in 2012 and is now organizing BOUND, a monthly rope Jam and performances night in London, with Nina Russ and Bruce Esinem.

Gorgone is active in the international rope scene as a performer, teacher and simple rope enthusiast.

She has taught and/or performed as a model and/or rigger in Paris, Berlin, London, Roma, Athens, Praha, San Francisco, New-York, and Tokyo.

Find Gorgon's schedule, photos, videos and writing on her web site: http://gorgone-kinbaku.com

"I believe ropes shape the shapeless. It is a subtle tool of communication that can bring truth out of the vulnerable body and soul."

"Kinbaku doesn’t start with the rope. It starts with a glance, a touch. It is a shiver turning into an earthquake."

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