About Fredrick

Fredrick focuses on "Teaching the Art within Sexual Acts" as a sensual educator in Tantra + Kink.

Being a sensual educator has allowed Fredrick to teach others how to engage and explore their passions in a way that is fun, loving, and safe, both mentally and physically.

Often one or more people in a partnership have a curiosity that they have wanted to explore, but had not yet felt the permission to do so. With some guidance, Fredrick can see the glow in them as their worlds open up and become full of possibilities for the expression of their love together! Fredrick loves this, and it is the primary motivation that he has to teach more in the future.

Fredrick most enjoys teaching dominance / submission, ritual, protocol, Tantra, consensual communication, multi-modal sensual connection, power / energy exchange, listening, rope arts, fire, wax and electrical play, extending touch with toys, primal tactility, service, and etiquette.

To learn more about Fredrick, refer to his web site, TantricKink.com

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