About Eri Kardos

Eri Kardos is an international relationship coach, sex-positive educator, and community builder based out of Seattle.

She specializes in empowering people to choose their own adventure in life, love, and relationships.

Well established in the sex-positive community, Eri provides leadership for both “Suspended Animation” (rope bondage crew) and “Relationship Anarchy” (ethical non-monogamy group). In addition, she organizes and facilitates open space conferences for alternative lifestyle groups.

She teaches workshops on a wide variety of topics including Poly 101, Relationship Agreements, Communication and Consent, as well as Kink/BDSM 101, Kink/BDSM 201, Bottoming & Switching Skills, and Rope Bondage.

Eri offers private coaching for individuals and those in relationships, regardless of structure. A certified Integral Coach, Eri offers phone, video, and in-person sessions. You can find her online at www.erikardos.com.

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