About David Steinberg

David Steinberg has been an advocate for change and social justice since 1966, starting as director of Civil Rights and Community Action Programming at the U.S. National Student Association.

Working on the issue of racism led David to believe that meaningful political and economic change would not be possible in the U.S. without challenging a broad spectrum of interlocking political and social institutions. In addition to racism, sexism, and materialism, David sees sexual repression as one of the main tools used by people in power to disempower others and to maintain the status quo.

David Steinberg has been writing about sex from this political perspective since 1980. For 15 years, he authored a monthly a column, Comes Naturally, discussing sex and gender issues. Since 1999 he has also been known for his fine art sexual photography. He was named a founding Master of Erotic Art by the Seattle Erotic Art Festival in 2011.

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