About David Steinberg

David Steinberg has been writing about sex and gender since 1989. His monthly Comes Naturally columns appeared in Spectator magazine from 1992 through 2004, and continued for online audiences until 2006. He was a City Brights blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle from 2009 to 2010. His writing has also appeared in such journals as Salon, Playboy, Boston Phoenix, LA Weekly, SF Weekly, Arts and Opinion, Cupido, The Sun, Libido, The Gay and Lesbian Review, The Realist, Transgender Tapestry, Journal of Gender Studies, Changing Men, and Issues in Radical Therapy. He is co-creator of Celebration of Eros, a multimedia erotic theatre presentation, Associate Editor of Sexuality and Culture magazine, and an editor of Cupido magazine (Norway).

Since 1999, he has photographed over 160 couples being sexual at home, as well as a series of portraits of transsexual women, and participants in Public Disgrace filmings of Kink.com. His photography has appeared in such journals as Cupido, Libido, Spectator, 7x7, On Our Backs, SF Weekly, Gerontology, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. He was named Erotic Photographer of the Year in 2010 by the Leydig Trust in London, and a Master of Erotic Art by the Seattle Erotic Art Festival in 2011.

His website is at www.davidsteinberg.us. He lives in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California.

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