Strange Bedfellows: Sex and BDSM presented by Lover's Lair

Thursday, July 5, 2018 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

$20.  Buy your tickets here.

You may also purchase tickets in person at Lover's Lair or by phone: 425-775-4502.

Attendees receive a 20% discount on merchandise purchased the evening of the workshop.

The word “sex” brings to mind pleasure, lust, desire, and often love. When we think of BDSM we think power, control, discipline, submission, maybe even pain.

The concepts themselves seem to be miles apart, but both sex and BDSM share the intimacy of deep connection, clear communication, the hunger of eroticism, and a bold intensity. These shared qualities create opportunities for heightened sensual and intimate experiences.

BDSM has been called the most loving, nurturing, intimate form of human contact and play, making it an ideal candidate to partner with sex.

In this workshop, we’ll talk arousal patterns, and map them against the parts of a BDSM scene. We’ll talk endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and their effects when sex and BDSM combine forces.

We’ll visit the power of language, including fantasies, erotic hypnosis and dirty talk, and the impact of head play.

And we’ll talk about who orchestrates sex. Surprisingly, it’s not necessarily the dominant.

Foreplay, afterplay, and everything in-between - this workshop will touch upon it all, including how to incorporate BDSM techniques like impact play and sensation play to heighten the tension and anticipation, the emotions, and the eroticism of sex. Consent is vital, of course, so we’ll also talk about how to negotiate for what you want and how to express and manage boundaries.

This workshop will include lectures and demos, so a practice partner is not required. As with all of Max’s workshops, a handout will be provided to facilitate your learning and retention.

This workshop assumes no previous BDSM experience and is appropriate for all genders, all orientations, and for both tops and bottoms.

Join us as we explore these two different worlds and bring them together to help you make your own experiences hotter and more satisfying.

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