Hojo-jutsu: the Warrior Roots of Japanese Rope Bondage - a Slide-Show Lecture & Demonstration by SeattleShibari.com

Thursday, January 14, 2016 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm
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Event fee: $25/person or $20/person for groups of two or more.  Preregistration is required.  Purchase your tickets HERE.

The erotic art of Shibari/Kinbaku has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in the West, and with it, increased curiosity about its origins.

Join Max and SeattleShibari to learn about one of the most substantial influences on the art: Hojo-jutsu, the beautiful, complex, and brutally effective feudal warrior art of binding captured prisoners with rope.

From its rough origins on the battlefield, Hojo-jutsu evolved into elaborate and beautiful ties that reflected a prisoner's class and social status, developed within the rich background of Japanese culture.

In a two-hour, slide-driven lecture & demo at Max's private residence, SeattleShibari will draw on his years of academic research, collection of fascinating rare images, and personal initiation into classical martial traditions to introduce participants to this historical component of modern Japanese BDSM.

He will also discuss the varied influences of religion, Japan's historical criminal justice system, and art on Japanese rope bondage.

Several beautiful representative Hojo-jutsu ties will also be demonstrated. 

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